About Sam

Hi! I’m Sam, a creative &
community-minded Canmore local.

How I describe myself and my work:

I am an artist who loves to work with the community. I enjoy teaching, facilitating, and believe that #artisforeveryone. I strive to be a kind and conscientious individual, and I enjoy working with people to bringing them together to collaborate and create something together. I enjoy working and providing for the creative needs of others through arts programming, creative projects, and creativity of all kinds.

I’ve been described as a leader, but I would rather self-identify as an instigator and a spark. Maintaining a sense of balance and perspective is important to me and I have a genuine interest and commitment to collaboration, equity & access.

Sam is a locally-minded individual who strives to give back and participate in the community in impactful and relevant ways; she aims to continually develop and maintain deep and meaningful community connections.

I have been described as “adept at seeing the big-picture”, a “holistic thinker” and someone who takes a “people first” approach. I can work in and around systems both antiquated and current for the betterment of others and fulfillment of a project, I strive to do the right thing no matter the system.

My critical and creative skills include creating, teaching, & facilitating; and my organizational skills include planning, organizing, administration, and bridging community to organizations. I consistently bring a constructive and critical perspective, and ask questions that consider the ethical, colonial, and patriarchal decisions in an organization or individual, with the goal of amplifying the voices not included in the decision-making.

I love to work on neat & interesting projects, and invite you to come to one of my class, come and see me at artsPlace Canmore, or connect online.

To connect please contact me via email, Instagram, or Facebook

Read more about my current administrative role and related experience on my LinkedIn profile.