Masks Made with Love – for Local Businesses

If you’re a local business in the Bow Valley and you’re looking for masks for your employees you’re in the right place! Thank you for visiting this page.

Thank you for choosing local, with so many folks with contracts postponed and layoffs like myself, I really appreciate your support!

Here you will find more information and instructions about the fabric masks including care instructions, important information and some FAQ’s.

If you would like to place an order for masks please email me

*disclaimer! We, Samantha Welsh and Lorraine Lefort are not medical professionals, we are avid crafters offering this community service. We make no claims regarding these masks. Use these masks at your own risk under the guidelines suggested by your government health services. These are not medical-grade masks nor should they be substituted for medical-grade masks. These masks should not be used by medical providers. These masks can’t and won’t guarantee your safety, but according to the following articles may be a good idea: World Health Organization, The Guardian,


Each mask costs $10 plus the cost of the fabric of your choice.
Most fabric costs between $10-20/metre. It takes 1 metre to make 10 masks.
Example: 20 masks = (2 metres fabric @ $15.99/metre + GST = $33.58) + $10/mask = $233.58

20 masks = $11.68 per mask

Example: 50 masks = (5 metres fabric @ $15.99/metre + GST = $83.95) + $10/mask = $583.95

50 masks = $11.68 per mask

About your mask:

  • Our fabric masks are 100% cotton (they are pre-shrunk & pre-washed, ready to wear)
  • The mask opens in the centre if you would like to tuck in additional material/filters/ etc – See video below!
  • Elastics are adjustable. Simply untie and re-tie the knots to the measurements you need to best fit around your ears/face. – See video below!
  • There is a top and a bottom to your mask! The top part is stiffer, we have sewn in a metal strip so that you can form it around your nose and face for a closer-contact fit.

Adjusting your mask and adding a filter

Caring for your Mask:

  • Wash your mask with hot water and detergent, we recommend washing after any use.
  • You can re-iron your mask once dry to remove wrinkles.

E-transfers to, cheque, PayPal, and cash are all accepted.

By purchasing these masks, you agree that you will not re-sell them or gain personal profit for their sale. Please do not take advantage of this work and this community service.

To place an order for masks please email me

Thank you for keeping your workers protected!