3 Free Colouring Sheets from My Fav Artists!

I’m so inspired by the artists that I follow on social media and 3 of my favs recently published FREE colouring pages – let’s download them & get colouring!

(Although these are free, I wouldn’t be a good fellow-artist if I didn’t plug them! Please consider supporting their work beyond free colouring pages!) Please give them a follow and a like! (PS – I have a lot of favourite artists, but these 3 really stand out to me as kind and generous folx!)

Nasugraq Rainey Hopson

Download these beautifully intricate and educational colouring pages by Nasugraq Rainey Hopson: a writer, artist, among many other remarkable things!

She lives in Alaska in the remote Brooks Range; read more about her here and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Sean Edgerton

Very on-point and educational colouring sheet about viruses! Colour your own coronavirus!

Consider buying Sean a coffee and downloading this awesome colouring sheet for free.

Sean is a scientist AND an illustrator, his mission is to communicate science to help everyone learn!

Carla O’Bee

Follow Carla O’Bee on Instagram for more art in your feed!

Download the Colouring Sheet here from her website, where you will also find amazing artwork!