Easy Collage Rainbows

I LOVE rainbows! They make me smile. I hope this activity brings a little joy to you, too!! (note: this took me a *LOT* longer to make than I had assumed…hopefully that means it will take your kids a bit longer to do too!! I would recommend that this be an on-going project, maybe come back to it over a period of time. No need to rush!)

image is a photo of the artists hands holding a collaged rainbow, art supplies used in the project are in the background

3 easy steps to make this beauty!

  1. Cut out a cardboard shape rainbow, make sure it is big enough (mine was too small, next time I’ll make it bigger!)
  2. Grab some old magazines and cut pieces in every colour of the rainbow. It helped me to make piles of each colour and slowly work through the rainbow.
  3. Use some liquid white/school glue to glue on all the pieces, making a rainbow. Let dry and you’re done! See this time lapse video for just how easy it really is!