Family Crafts

10 More Crafts for Being Stuck Inside

I hope that these fun little arts & crafts activities are useful to you while school is out! You have no idea how valuable free-creative play is to your kid’s brains and it heartens me to know that you’re creating together!!

Process-based arts and crafts (like these and the ones I posted previously) help kids develop critical decision making skills, calm the nervous system, and of course, encourages creativity. It also helps with problem solving, confidence, and “feeling like an artist”, never underestimate that last one!

Click below to download 10 more crafts to do together!

Many of these crafts use basic materials from the Dollar Store and Bow Valley Basics, if you don’t have the exact materials handy, you can improvise! I am always available by email if you have any questions.

*please note that, again, I typed out these instructions pretty quickly as I know so many are shocked and hurriedly making a plan now that schools have closed and need more things to do or plan to do, if I made any errors please let me know so I can fix them quickly! Also, I’m not a professional lesson-plan writer, I’m an artist who loves to teach and share creativity, thank you for taking my quickly-put-together plans with a grain of salt  *

Enjoy and I hope I get to create with you again soon!
PS – artsPlace is coming out with virtual/online content! Keep your eyes peeled for more!!!

~ Sam