Family Crafts

Easy Wacky Birds

As folks are finding themselves indoors this weekend (both with the -22º weather here in Alberta and the social distancing we’re being encouraged to practice), I wanted to share this invitation to create a little wacky bird!

If you have some restless kids, and are looking for a fun little craft you can make as a family, give this easy 7-step wacky bird a go!

I focused on using materials that I thought might be easy to find around the house, with the exception of a hot glue gun (but maybe you have one hanging around, if so please use it!), if you don’t have a hot glue gun you can use a regular glue stick or white school glue, it will just take a little longer to dry.

As with many of the projects I offer in my classes, I hope that it gives you inspiration and you take these steps as an invitation to create something great together with your kids. Don’t feel like you have to do exactly as I have done here, the concept can be used in lots of exciting ways- let your kids come up with their own ideas and give them the space and time to create on their own.

Here’s the steps I took to create this quick little craft.

Wacky Birds
(great for ages 3-8, but that’s only a suggestion!)
As always practice caution and good judgement. I ask parents and kids ages 12+ to handle the hot glue, no one under 12 gets to use the hot glue guns in my classes unless your kid is up for it with your supervision)

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Colouring tools (markers, crayons, whatever you have handy is great!)
  • Yarn, string, thin rope like twine, even dental floss can work!
  • glue (I used hot glue, but white glue or a glue stick can also work)
  • Optional extras: feathers, a googly eye, gemstones, sequins or sparkles, felt, etc (I didn’t include these in the sample as I was trying to think about what the average person might have on hand at home and what they might not. I wasn’t sure if you would have feathers and googly eyes hanging around like me?!)
  • Cut a piece of paper into the shape of a bird — it can be any bird and any size, but it works well to have bird that has a head and a body and a tail.
  • Next, using the scraps from around the bird, cut out legs, a beak, and an eye (or use a googly eye!)
  • Now we colour it in! You can use any colouring tools you have on hand (like markers, crayons, pastels, I used pencil crayons as they were the easiest for me to grab) You can use any colours you like. A blackbird! A blue-bird! The infamous Blue-legged Rainbow Flamingo, it can be anything!
  • Flip your bird over and make small lines roughly 1″ apart, all around the edge of your bird. They are lines you are going to cut. (Parents with kids under 5 might have to help out with this part, but it could be a fun time for them to try it out and practice with scissors)
  • Cut the small lines all around your bird, only the length and distance of the lines you drew. These small little cuts/slits become what hold on to the yarn so it does not slip, like a grip for the yarn (it also helps eliminate the need for using tape)
  • Using yarn, string (or anything you have on hand) kids can start to wrap the yarn around the bird, tucking the yarn into the slits. Wrap the yarn in a random pattern or any pattern you like from slit to slit, the wackier, the better! I like to start by wrapping the yarn around the body of the bird, and then wrapping around the head and tail. Once the yarn is done being wrapped, cut the end and tuck it in (or glue it).
  • Last, glue on the legs, beak and eye… and voila! Your little wacky bird is ready to play!!