The Snowy Day

When I began offering arts & crafts to the kids in one of the local daycares in Banff National Park, I wanted to pick a fun and relevant book — what better book than The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats?! It snows in Banff… a lot!

For this little activity we gathered and read the book aloud together, and then made a glue-and-stick craft taking inspiration from the book. We used construction paper and cotton balls, and had a lot of fun ripping up the cotton balls to glue as our snow for a 3D effect.

I had cut out and made several of the snowsuit-clad little boys in advance, using construction paper and markers. I had also pre-cut the snow mountain shape considering the kids are ages 18months to 2 years and most have not yet used scissors. They glued those down first.

To practice using our glue sticks we covered the sky in a twirly swirly glue scribble, and stuck the ripped up cotton balls to the sky. It was great practice for these little artists to learn where it was sticky and where it wasn’t.

For the last step we glued down the little boy in his snow suit, and the kids got to choose where they wanted him to slid down the mountain!

Books that inspire are the best books!