Printmaking in Haida Gwaii

I had the great pleasure and privilege to facilitate a printmaking class at the Haida Gwaii Cultural Heritage Centre in March. As part of the duties of the Adjudicator of the All Island Art Show, I gave a personal presentation about my work, and facilitated a lino-block printmaking class. It was amazing!

I transported 2 giant suitcases full of art supplies to use in the workshop with me to Haida Gwaii. There is no art store on the island, everything had to be brought in, which I was happy to do! Fortunately all my clothes fit into my carry-on, so my suitcases were packed to the brim of papers, pencils, brayers, paint, barrens, bench hoods, blades, and more art supplies. Despite the heavy luggage it was an experience I won’t soon forget!

The workshop is an annual tradition put on by the Haida Gwaii Art Council. Each year they select an artist to adjudicate the show and provide feedback to the artists, as well as facilitate a workshop and give a public presentation about their work. It was so joyful to meet all the participants, see their artwork, and create with them in the workshop. Such a beautiful community of people. What an honour to have been selected!!

We used basic Speedycarve blocks and tools, and I taught participants a tissue-paper and graphite transfer techniques to get their patterns/drawings onto their blocks. Students had all sorts of wonderful outcomes! From bull kelp to bees and everything in between. Here are a few of their outcomes:

We had ample time in the workshop to discuss how we bring art-making into our lives, or how it can sometimes get left out. We took the time to print on both paper and fabric, and we did a quick “show-and-share” at the end.

Thank you for having me Haida Gwaii Arts Council!